drama at breakfast

this was the breakfast scene over the weekend.
ever was being dramatic.  she wanted to hold her yogurt but that almost always means she dumps it on her head and massages it into her face.  i actually love when she is like this.....determined and dramatic.  when she thrashes around throwing a fit...i don't like that so much.  but this is actually cute.  she pretends her world is over because we won't let her make a giant mess. 
she got over it pretty fast as you can see.  
yes her halloween pajamas still fit so she proudly wears them, even if it is may.

i have watched this little video so many times because it makes me laugh.  

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  1. I love how she says Yogurt! and her face on the table like it's the end of the world! ha Oh Ever, you cute little thing in your top knot and Halloween pjs (Felix wore her Christmas ones FOREVER ha)

    ps. I enjoy seeing little pieces of your house... like those owls in the back with the open frame. You have the best style, as is evident by your little's fashion ;)


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