20 week ultrasound of the twins

hello 20 week twin belly.
and here is what my 22 week belly looked like with ever.

before my ultrasound appointment yesterday i wanted to try to get some family pictures but ever wasn't in the mood.  she had to play with a glue stick that she kept putting in my mouth so i gave up on getting the perfect shot and went with these...because that is what you do with a two year old who has her own ideas.

we told ever to smile for this family picture and she blew a raspberry at the camera instead.  
that's our girl.  

and here are our other girls....the tops of their heads anyway.  
yesterdays ultrasound was the highlight of my day, besides the part where i thought i might pee my pants from holding in 48 oz. of water.  it was on another level of uncomfortable...nothing like the time i did that when pregnant with ever.  once i got past that part i was able to enjoy watching my two littlest ladies dance around on the screen.  i kept being paranoid that we'd find out at least one baby is a boy now that we already have our minds set on two more girls and have names picked out.  they are both still girls.  they are growing really well and appear to be completely healthy.  i had a fear that one of them might be growing way better than the other because that can happen with twins but they were almost exactly the same size and they were both the size that a single baby should be at this point.  no wonder i already feel so big and uncomfortable.  when the ultrasound began both of them were laying horizontally with their heads towards the right side of my body but by the end they had both flipped to have their heads on the right side of my body.  it seems they already like to do things together.  baby a was just as wiggly and feisty as she was in the last ultrasound.  baby b was more cooperative and that is why i only have a clear picture of her face.  

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  1. Seeing you with the glue stick in your mouth and giving up on getting the "perfect shot" is even better (action shots are my favorite) and made me think of that saying, "let them be little." You are a great Mama.

    Look at Baby B's face! I am over the moon happy to hear that both girls are doing well. I just say a prayer of thanksgiving for them and for you xo


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