the difference 5 years makes

last night will grabbed food from one of my favorite places so we could have a peaceful dinner at home.  as i sat in the car trying to keep ever entertained with crazy faces and dance moves i had a flashback moment.  i remembered that 5 years earlier i had gone to dinner at the same place with my family and will.  will and i were dating at the time.  then it all hit me....how much has changed in the last 5 years.  at the time i had dinner there on my 29th birthday i never imagined will and i would be married later that year.  nor did i imagine that 5 years later we would have a two year old and twins on the way.  it is pretty crazy how things unfold and how we never know what is right around the corner.  i've been all kinds of nostalgic since that moment of realization.  listening to music from our dating days and wedding only reinforce my sentimental feelings and maybe i cried a time or two driving around town today (i blame the twins).  

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