those obsessed parents

yesterday will and i were able to spend the day out of town with friends.  ever stayed with my mom.  we had a fun relaxing time.  it was nice to get a break from the usual and be out and about on our own besides the two babies kicking in my belly.  by the way their kicks are getting stronger and more obvious...even visible on occasion (my most favorite thing).  
when ever was brand new to us i have to admit that i went through a period of time where i missed it just being me and will.  i would think back on our carefree days of just the two of us and wish for the same kind of fun and freedom with such an intensity.  that has all changed though.  any time we get out just the two of us we always talk about how we miss ever and coming home to her is one of the greatest things.  but yesterday we both really missed her in such a strong different way.  i told will how we just don't seem to feel complete without her by our sides.  sure she can frustrate us quicker than anyone on the planet but her craziness is a part of us and it balances out our tight knit circle.  it is hard to imagine two more babies as part of that mix right now, but i told will there is going to be a day that we are going to feel the exact same way about the next two members of our family.  i remember my parents (especially my mom) having such a hard time being away from brandon and i when we were growing up.  will and i have become those exact same obsessed parents, and i couldn't be happier about it.  
when we got home ever was so wound up and hilarious.  she was the most wild and silly she has been in all her days and it was the greatest thing....along with the way she hugged both will and i and told us she missed us.
(just one of the many funny pictures my mom sent me from their adventures yesterday)

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