37 and snow

37 week baby bump in my favorite kind of weather.
didn't even know i was taking this picture but i think it's a lovely shot of my growing belly.
it was the kitties first experience with snow.  houndstooth begged to go outside so we let her for a little bit and she was so adorable.  she's such an adventurous little girl...i think she would have stayed out there chasing the snowflakes all night if i let her.
pellegrino on the other hand.....he wasn't so sure.
as my mom left our house i made her stop for a few pictures in the snow and i love how this one turned out.  she's a beauty, that mother of mine.

i had will pose with our pizza in the snow. 
pizza has been my thing the past few days.
will took this one...a view from our driveway.
this is from our bedroom door.  i told will i like the snow because it makes our ugly non-landscaped backyard look pretty.....like it's covered in frosting.

a couple more of will's masterpiece photos.
ice on the antenna of our vehicle.

snow is magical to me.
luckily growing up i got to experience it quite a bit more than the average person living in our town because we lived in the mountains.
i remember sitting in the back seat as a kid watching the snow fall as we drove home and being completely mesmerized by it.
then when the headlights would shine on the ground i would pretend that the millions of sparkles i saw were tiny camera flashes going off or maybe diamonds.....always something imaginative.
luckily will shares the same love for snow. 
when it happens around here (rarely) we always make a point to stand outside in it, take a billion pictures, drive around in it without a real place to go, and open every blind in the house to watch it fall.
we are giddy like little kids and we make up pretend scenarios like.....
hopefully it snows all night and there is so much of it that we don't have to go to work.
didn't happen but still....we enjoyed every second of the snow while it lasted.


  1. That's the coolest belly pic ever.

  2. i agree with Brandi! how cute are you? i only hope to be so cute when i'm that far along :)

    i can't wait to see your baby posts and "meet" your little girl. We find out in about a month what we're having and i can't wait :)

    xoxoxo thank-you for the sweet congrats!


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