reading and reading some more

between nesting and my regular day to day obligations this is what i've been doing...
reading like crazy! 
i'm typically not a major bookworm.  i think the main reason is because i have a hard time focusing on just reading because my mind wanders so much.  then i end up having to re-read pages just to know what is going on and i get frustrated.  i have been known a few times in life to really get lost in a book but it doesn't happen often.  a few weeks ago i felt the urge to read so i started reading manifest west.
a book written by a very dear friend.
if you notice his note he wrote in my copy of the book you'll see it only took me two years to finally read the thing but once i started reading it....i was hooked. 
i loved it and told will he should read the book. he plowed through it in record time and loved it as well.
then for some strange reason i felt the need to read a book from 4th grade....bridge to terabithia. so i did just that.
next i got sick for a week and during the days i missed from work and the miserable sleepless nights i found myself comforted by the hunger games series.
i've heard over and over how great that series was but i just didn't take the time to bother with it.  
i am so glad i finally did because it has completely sucked me in.  i am a little over halfway through the final book and as much as i want to keep reading i am trying to pace myself because i don't want it to be over.  
i guess pregnancy has turned me into a book worm.
strange...but i like it. 

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  1. Okay this is crazy, but when I saw the first picture I had a guess that it was Catching Fire and Mockingjay. :) And now I am going to read Manifest West! I have a copy, but I've never read anything past the note that Dr. Jackson wrote in it.


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