bunny rescuers

first i have to say i really love that i married someone who has such a soft spot in his heart for animals.  we both would try to save all sorts of little critters in we had the chance....especially will. 
as we were going to bed last night we noticed one of the kitties had this tiny bunny cornered on the back porch.  will grabbed it before something terrible happened and made it a home in a cardboard box complete with food water and a cozy bed of old shirts.  we weren't sure if it was injured or just terrified so we got it set up as best as possible to stay the night in our room.   

all we could do was stare at it and talk about how tiny and adorable it was.

will even got up in the middle of the night to check on it.  i guess he's practicing the dad thing a little early.
this morning we woke up to this....
a bright eyed bunny that didn't seem injured or scared. 
i did a little research online and discovered it should be fine to release.
we found a safe kitty free spot, put it on the ground....

and the sweet little bunny hopped away.
that made our day.


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