today is grandmother whistle's birthday, although she prefers to be called L.
she claimed to be 33 today but if you add 40 years to that you'll know how old she really is.  
although i'm sure L could pass for 33.  she's the most vivacious, wild, full of life 73 year old i know.  
she had me and everyone else cracking up at dinner tonight with her stories.

grandmother....please write them all down....write a book for me.

my favorite story of hers from the evening started like this...
"when my shetland pony trampled me..."
then there was one that went a little something like this
"i could feel the live frog jumping around in my belly"
"i almost died once,  i almost ate a live puffer fish.  he would have gotten scared once i swallowed him and puffed up inside me."

i was completely entertained tonight.

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