a very sweet book

my friend aleasha came by to visit yesterday.
it is always nice to have time to catch up with her. 
there is never a silent moment when we get together. 
she came over with a giant gift bag full of wonderful things for little miss e. 
while i loved all of the items she brought, this sweet book has got to be my favorite thing. 
not just because it is magically written but also because aleasha wrote a beautiful little message to our girl inside the book. 
it made my heart do a happy dance. 
to any parent who hasn't heard of this before.....find a copy and read it to your little love. 
it is precious.


  1. Oh Skye, I am so glad you love the book as much as I do! I can't wait to meet your sweet baby! Thank you for the visit. I always enjoy our time together and am looking forward to play dates with our littles!

  2. I have heard a lot about that book but I haven't read it yet! We have Nancy Tillman's other book "It's Time to Sleep, My Love". I LOVE it. I've been thinking about you lately and the fact that you are going to go into labor so soon! Have you heard of Optimal Fetal Positioning? (just Google it. It's sort of hippy-ish but I think it's defenitly worth a try (I tried it with both babies).. I'm sending happy thoughts your way!


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