38 and then some

38 weeks along....very close to 39 weeks.... 
and it sure does show. 
i remember telling will when i was about 24 weeks that i couldn't imagine my belly getting any bigger. 
it just seemed impossible....but here is the proof that it is possible.
i look back at those earlier pictures and my belly is so tiny to compare with now. 
rolling over in bed seems like the biggest chore these days.  i'm sure i look as attractive as i sound....grunting and everything. bending over to pick something up off the floor is terribly hard.  i've finally reached the point in pregnancy where i feel limited and sometimes rather uncomfortable.  but i'm not complaining at all because i bet when this is over in a matter of days i'll miss it. 
i'm going to just keep reminding myself of that fact and be happy with my overgrown limited state.


  1. You look beautiful! I laughed out loud at the grunting, rolling over in bed image! I am 9 weeks behind you and already doing that! Soak up these last few days and memorize the feeling of her moving around in that belly of yours because very soon you will miss having a baby occupying your space :) So excited for you and Will and can't wait to see your baby girl!

  2. Im so glad you've been pretty comfortable most of your pregnancy. Im sure I always made it out to sound so awful, which it was for me but everyone is different. So nice you got through it alive ;) CANT WAIT!!


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