another party for e

i was spoiled with a second baby shower today. 
a couple of girls from work put it all together and made me feel special. 
i was extremely lame with the picture taking once the party started but i did manage to take these few before the festivities.  now i wish i would have at least taken pictures of those responsible for putting it all together, because it meant a lot to me that they went out of their way to do such a thing. 

i'd have to say that this whole pregnancy experience has reminded me of how many caring wonderful people i have in my life.
i feel shocked and almost embarrassed at the outpouring of love.
in fact i spent part of a morning earlier in the week sitting at my desk fighting back tears because i felt  grateful to be surrounded by generous people that have been a part of my life for so many years.
i'm pretty sure this little girl i have locked up in my tummy is very loved already.

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