cloudy scooter time

 as i type this the twins are being really rowdy in my belly.  i can feel what i'm pretty sure is four feet kicking like crazy.  today marks 30 weeks of pregnancy and i'm very happy about that.  i have a countdown going of when i'll be in the safe zone for delivery here in town.  according to my calculations 42 days puts me in that safe zone so those babies have to stay put at least that much longer.  i should be kind of freaked out about the fact that i'm not at all prepared for their arrival like i was for ever's arrival at this point but instead my priority is keeping them safe and happy right where they are.

i took these pictures yesterday morning when we woke up to a lovely cloudy day and sprinkling of rain.  that is the kind of weather that makes our family want to be outside so we went out in our comfy clothes and let ever enjoy some scooter time before it got too hot.  she insisted on wearing her rain boots for the occasion and i kept laughing at her clomping around in them.  as you'll see in the following pictures she was all about showing off many of her expressive faces.  

i love watching her ride her scooter.  she has gotten really good at steering and stopping when necessary.  she zooms around on that thing and for some reason i always laugh.

and just for fun here is a little clip of her clomping around in her rain boots.

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