the best pizza

this is a post i have held onto for weeks because i couldn't really mention pregnancy related nausea and food aversions without spilling the baby beans so here it is now. 
in the beginning of the pregnancy i felt sick and yucky.  for a few solid weeks i was nauseated almost all day.  it was a real struggle to eat because nothing sounded good.
one day during those sick times i had a craving for homemade pizza from our friend matt.
matt makes the most delicious pizza. 
will mentioned my craving to matt, and being the nice guy he is he totally made me a pizza the next day.
it was the best.
turns out we are having a pizza date with matt's family at their house tonight.
i'm pretty excited.


  1. That looks so good. I want to master homemade pizza, but the only time I tried it was a huge failure. :(

  2. brandi...i keep thinking i'll learn how to make it by watching matt while he makes it. he says it is really simple. when i figure it out i'll teach you :)

  3. I was so bummed that I missed out on a group game night! I'm glad you are feeling better.:)

  4. nicole...we were bummed you weren't there.

  5. Thanks Skye, I hope you figure it out soon. Ha.


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