reminiscing and looking forward

this is where i would like to be right now.

our plan was to be there the week of november 7th to celebrate 2 years of wedded bliss. 
we were going to do a repeat of last year.
i can't tell you how many times the two of us would randomly say how we missed disneyland over the last year.  we would talk about all of the fun we had last time and dream about the fun we would have this time. 
i have to admit that when we discovered a little baby was on the way i panicked a bit.  
not just because it would be changing our vacation plans but it would be changing everything we were used to for the last couple years. 
i don't tend to handle change well, and while it was an exciting change we've always dreamed about i didn't think i was ready.  the first thing i said between tears when i saw that positive pregnancy test was "now we can't go to disneyland!"
we laugh about that statement of mine frequently.
i am really so thrilled to be a mom.  it just took a little bit for the initial shock to wear off.  now that the nausea is over and i have more energy i've really been able to embrace this magical time in our lives. 
do i still want to go to disneyland?  yes. 
are we still going to try to go before the end of the year?  maybe.
even if i can't ride any of my favorite fast rides there are still the favorite slow rides.
does the thought of taking our child to this magical place make us so incredibly happy?  absolutely!


  1. I was just about to say that think of all the amazing and magical memories you will be able to make with your new little one!! And I know it may take awhile after he or she is born but you can build up his or her imagination with all these happy thoughts and then see his or her face when he or she sees it's all real!! And then you can start creating new and wonderful memories!!

  2. I was just looking at old Disneyland pictures myself. I love that you love it similarly! We decided that if Chris gets into dental school on December 1st, we will go in February. I find myself hoping he gets into dental school not just because it's our entire future, but because I want to go to Disneyland sooooooooo bad. I miss it terribly!!


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