stamp dream

at the beginning of the year i remember hearing that the post office would be releasing disney/pixar stamps.  since i'm obsessed with most of the disney/pixar movies i was pretty excited about this news.  as time went by i totally forgot about them, then last night out of the blue i have a very lengthy complicated dream about these very stamps.  i went online to see if they had been released yet and they had in august so i was a little sad thinking i missed my chance to mail letters and bills with such cuteness.  luckily we needed to make a trip to the post office today anyway and guess what they had.....my stamps! 


  1. I haven't even HEARD about this, but it just so happens we're out of stamps, so I may have to make Jess run over there for some.

  2. I got a pleasant surprise last time I was at the post office because these are the stamps they gave us! I love them!


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