meeting jet

see this cute little dude....his name is jet.
oh and he isn't really little...he's a big boy, such an adorable big boy. 
we are good friends with his parents and we were delighted when they drove to town for a day last weekend.  we were able to spend quality time with chris and camille and meet jet in real life. 
i always love spending time with them because it is so comfortable like we have known each other our entire lives.
will and chris were friends since they were young kids and it is always cool to hear their wild childhood stories. 
i wasn't able to meet them until a few months before will and i got married but it was easy to see that we would all be great friends. 
chris and camille used to live in england and they recently moved to vegas which i cool because they are much closer to us. 

now to kind of change the subject...
you know how i'm a major fan of skeleton keys right? 
well this is the key that chris and camille used on their house in england. 
and guess what....
they gave it to me so i could add it to my collection!
such a cool thing for them to share with me and i will always cherish it.

side note....camille told me that i have to have a girl so her and jet can get married and we can all be one big happy family.  hopefully we will see if that is an option at some point this week! 

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  1. Its camille. I dont know why your blog wont let me comment anymore! What a cute little post! Love it. Jet looks so funny in his pic, his bottom half looks like he's 1000 lbs! I love my baby! You've gotta have a girl! Our grandchildren would be beautiful!


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