for the baby

this baby that is growing in my belly is extremely loved already.
he or she has been gifted with a few little things but nothing has been sweeter than the words that have been written for it.  i don't like calling the baby "it" but i don't know what else to say since we aren't sure of the gender yet (hopefully soon). 
several weeks ago will gave the baby its first card.  the card was full of wonderful words that i know he/she will appreciate someday.  i was in love with the fact that will thought to do something like that.  
the card shown above is from my friend marcy aka aunty marcy.
she wrote the sweetest words to the baby which i love to read and many years from now this little one will love to read those words as well. 


  1. I love the darling baby card...so retro and perfect for your baby. grand muzza approves :)


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