the unwanted house guest

now that the weather is cooling down a bit we tend to open the french doors in our room as we get ready for bed each night.  last night we did just that so we could get some fresh air.  we were procrastinating brushing our teeth so we sat on the bed talking for a little while.  i finally decided it was time to brush up so i get off the bed and take a step towards the bathroom when i notice something on the floor.  we have these leather rugs in the house that tend to shed so at first i just thought it was a piece of leather.  as i bent down to pick up the "leather" to my horror i noticed it wasn't that at all.  it was a tarantula!  i jumped up on the bed and in a panicked tone told will what was on the floor.  i am not a fan of spiders at all!  in fact i am so afraid that i get chills all over my body for at least 10 minutes after an encounter such as that.  will isn't crazy about spiders either but he is braver than me.  he picked up a shoe and began scooting the giant beast towards the open door.  at one point it crawled up on the shoe and will quickly dropped it while i screamed.  he finally got the furry monster outside and shut the door which we will NEVER leave open again.  it took me a good 15 minutes to finally get off the bed.  as the night continued on i went over the possible things that could have happened.  it could have crawled in bed with us.  i could have stepped on it barefoot during my middle of the night potty breaks.  it was very near my purse, it could have climbed in and gone for a trip with me to work.  all of the terrible scenarios wouldn't stop entering my mind and i actually lost sleep over it.  before we went to bed i had will search all over the room with a flashlight and promise me that he did in fact get that nasty critter outside.  i still can't get the initial image out of my mind and if i think about it too much i freak myself out.
*apparently i didn't have a problem with spiders when i was a little kid because i made this cute guy.


  1. sick and disgusting...i had the chills when you told me about it! i can't believe you drew a fat abdomen spider...you must have been drawing a mutant.

  2. hehe...You need a screen for your door. Then you can enjoy it a lot more. I remember that happening at my moms house. One came in the window and my wee niece saw it and screamed her head off. Of course they are to beautiful and helpful to kill. Hehe, I can't help but laugh at this:-)


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