colorful pumpkins

since we will be busy halloween weekend we decided to do our traditional halloweenie thing a little early.
last night we put on nightmare before christmas, enjoyed a little dinner, then got to work on our pumpkins.  
i saw this really neat idea on another blog and decided we should give it a try.
all you need is crayons, lighters, and pumpkins.
this is the pumpkin i worked on.
this is will's

i intended to keep going on my pumpkin and then do the same thing to some of the mini pumpkins but our lighters ran out of fuel so the rest of the pumpkin decorating was postponed. 
maybe after we finish our busy halloween weekend we can still carve a couple because i really want to roast the seeds.
mmmm....my favorite!
hooray for our tradition and colorful pumpkins!


  1. That looks so cool! I love how it looks against the white! We're finally carving ours this weekend. We usually do them like October 1st, and then again halfway through the month, but we've been too busy. :(

  2. Where are the pumpkin seeds? These are super cute but we need seeds :)

  3. The pumpkin decorating is a really neat idea! We need to go to Disney and visit trick or treat street!


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