4 happy thoughts

things i am happy about......
the pumpkin plant has started to produce a few pumpkins but they only seem to last a week and then fizzle out and die.  this one seems to be thriving and is the biggest yet so i really hope it continues growing.
either way it has been fascinating to watch this plant take off over the months.
i saw these ziploc bags in the store the other night and almost did a happy dance.
i don't think i've ever wanted ziploc bags so bad in my life. 
i held them up and looked at will with the sort of pleading face a child would give it's parents over a toy. 
of course he just smiled and told me to get them.
now i'm afraid to use them up.
looking at the halloween decorations displayed around our house. 
as most of you know halloween is one of my most favorite holidays. 
especially because of the pumpkins. 

and last but certainly not least....
the fact that we got to see our baby again during an ultrasound today. 
our baby is extra stubborn.  
this little one seems to love to cross it's legs and curl up in a cozy ball.  
we still aren't completely certain on the gender but pretty sure.  
hoping that next week we are more than 90% sure.
we did get a couple more cute pictures of our darling that i'll post soon.  


  1. I think I NEED some halloween ziplock bags too! Do tell where you found them :)

  2. in the halloween section at the new safeway. i'm tempted to go buy more :)

  3. I have always loved Halloweenie too. You are such a little kid, I am not surprised at all that you love those ziploc bags...I think it was because you were deprived as a little girl. I am proud of za baby for being modest and making you wait, because I know you can't stand it. :)

  4. i love your comment mom especially the part about za baby.


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