our stubborn baby

today we had an ultrasound to determine the gender of the baby.  the last ultrasound we had a couple weeks ago the baby was stubborn and kept moving but wouldn't move to the right positions for the tech to get certain measurements that were needed.  this time i was hoping the same thing wouldn't happen since i have been wanting to know the gender so bad!  well baby was pretty difficult again.  thank goodness we are friends with the ultrasound lady because she said we can stop in whenever and she will take a quick peek.  she did say that she is 90% sure the baby is a _____________.

i don't want to reveal until we know for sure.  maybe in a couple days we will go back in and see if this baby will stop being so modest/difficult. 
here are two of my favorite pictures from the visit today...
in this one the baby is looking right at us.
i think it's neat how it seems a little halloweenish with the see thru skin and bones.
and in this one the baby is on it's tummy in a stink bug pose with legs tucked under it.
i think the baby stayed on it's tummy most of the time.  during the last visit it stayed on it's back and even did a little headstand.
i think i could easily be entertained staring at that ultrasound machine all day long.
there is nothing quite as magical as watching the little life inside me move around.


  1. Your baby looks perfect! I totally agree, watching the monitor and knowing that little baby is inside of you is one of the most incredible feelings! Thanks for sharing the pictures! xoxo

  2. Skye!!! I started crying when I read this!!! (You know me.) I'm soo excited and happy for you and Will!! The pictures are really great!!! And I can't wait until you are 100% positive of the gender! :)

  3. it was the most magical, miraculous moment...sweet little baby, being super cute and taking after mommy skye by being stubborn. :)


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