x and t made my day

i had the pleasure of watching these little cuties for an entire day during the weekend.  their moms...my friends....drove from st. george to handle some business with the recent death of their father.  a very sad time for all.  when my friend amerest called to ask if i could watch them i gladly accepted.  although i've known both x and t since they were born, i haven't spent much time with them over the last couple years so i wasn't sure how they would adjust.  i'd say they had a lot of fun since they told their moms the next day that next time they go to aunt skye's they want to stay longer.....12 hours just wasn't enough. 

they were so sweet and funny.  will had a blast with them as much as i did.  we kept finding ourselves watching them do cute things or say cute things then we would look at each other and smile or if one of us noticed something we'd quietly point it out to the other.  
our day consisted of disney movies, coloring, going for walks, playing in the back yard, and the kids trying to get the kitties to sit still long enough to pet them.  
i missed x and t the next day.
i'm really excited we will be spending halloween with them! 


  1. How cute! I can't believe how big they both are. I still picture "T" as a little baby who I only saw ONCE in person, and "X" in his mama's belly.

    Just think, before long, you and Will will be smiling at each other and pointing out cute things your own baby is doing. That's almost the only thing Jess and I ever do nowadays.

  2. x and t are so dang cute...i bet it was fun hanging out with them :)


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