photo a week...32/52
as you can see from this picture we got a bike trailer.  
ever thinks it is really cool to have me tow her around while she lounges.
i think it is really cool that will made ever little cushions out of his pajama pants because he was concerned that the seat belts were too scratchy on her neck.  what a great papa.  we really look forward to cooler weather so we can enjoy this little contraption even more.  as it is now we have to wait until right before the sun sets to go out on quick rides so we avoid heat exhaustion.  it is hard to explain to ever that she can't go out and play even when she says "sidey" a million times a day.  i just promise her we will later when it isn't as hot and she thinks my promises are annoying.   

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  1. Sidey...so cute...that look is a Yaya look. I just wanna squeeze her!


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