4 years

our wedding 
with all we've had going on the last few weeks i realized i had yet to make mention of our anniversary on the blog....something i always like to do.
we celebrated 4 years of marriage on november 7th.  
links to previous years....
i have yet to share all the wedding photos.  i know there are several sprinkled through the years in the blog but i'm not even sure which ones or where.  sad fact...i still haven't printed any of our wedding photos. 

enjoying the newlywed life.

below are pictures on or around our anniversary each year.
celebrating our first anniversary at disneyland....so much fun!

almost 20 weeks pregnant with ever.  we kept the celebration low key this year...it involved a trip to st. george to see friends mixed with a shopping in vegas on the way home.  but this picture was taken in sedona at our friends wedding a few days after our anniversary.  

ever was 7 months old by our third anniversary.  we celebrated a few different times.  we went on a couple movie dates around that time...this picture was taken on one of those dates.  we also went to vegas for the day....my first time away from ever for an entire day.  i think i cried.  

in doing this post i realized will and i are terrible about taking pictures together since ever became part of our family.  we shall work on that.  this is the best i could do....a picture of us on halloween....exactly one week before our anniversary.  in fact when we were planning the wedding i almost decided to have it on halloween.  i was so close. 
this year my mom watched ever as always and we took a trip to lake havasu for the day.  we saw a movie, went to dinner, and shopped for art supplies.  will made me smile while encouraging me to load up the cart with all the paint and canvases i needed.  he let me take my time even if it wasn't fun for him.  he's a keeper for that and so many reasons.  
i'm happy we have each other.

oh and i got something i've always wanted....  
a kitchen aid mixer.
will paid attention over the years and got me the exact color i wanted too.....a sweet surprise!  

and since will was being a goofball while i was trying to get a picture of my mixer i'll embarrass him and include the one he thought nobody would see.
coming in the door from the gym, flexing as always.   

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