portrait a week 45/52
for these posts i usually try to use a picture that is clear with decent lighting but i had to make an exception this time because this picture helps to tell one of the cute stories that accompanies this post.

1. ever has these two stuffed turtles that she has to have in her crib with her.  when she wakes up in the morning i transfer her to our bed for cuddle time.  before she comes to our bed she frantically says turtles and searches for her turtles among the blankets in her crib.  once she has each of them tucked under an arm she is ready to be taken out of the crib.  often times she also grabs a blanket with the turtles...she either says cozy or blanket while grabbing it.  i really enjoy this little ritual of hers.

2.  ever has become rather obsessed with nightmare before christmas since we watched it while carving pumpkins.  i'm a little surprised how much she loves it since it is more of a dark scary movie but then again this is ever and she is anything but ordinary.  because of her love of the movie her latest word is christmas "chismas". she often asks for jack (jack skellington).  she hums the songs and uses her very best dance moves when they sing the halloween town song.  she seems to be equally in love with the pumpkin scenes as she is with the snowman scenes in the movie.  that is how she talks about the halloween vs. christmas parts.

3.  a thing ever says often these days is "stop it!" with a grumbly tone.  she says it to me when i take something from her that she shouldn't have or hold her hand when she doesn't want it held.  she says it when playing with her toys.  for instance today she was stacking and connecting different items from her toy bin and they weren't connecting like she wanted to so little miss attitude said her usual stop it!  it almost sounds like she has a french accent when she says it and she always grunts the words out.  i can't help but laugh when i hear her say it even if she is being naughty while saying it to me.

4.  ever has an additional name for yaya.  she calls her yaya pipe most of the time now because she knows my mom plays the bagpipes.  

5.  when my mom leaves after a visit ever's new thing is sitting on her lap in the car to pretend she's driving before the last tearful goodbye.  a few days ago while pretending to drive on my moms lap ever shoved me away and had my mom roll up the window.  then she held up her finger to me through the closed window and said "i fine".

6.  saturday will and i went out of town for the day to have a little late anniversary celebration.  my mom was holding ever as we went to leave.  will said goodbye to her first...they hugged.  then ever reached for me and said hug.  she hugged me tightly with both arms as my mom held her...it was so sweet.  i asked her for a kiss but she pushed me away and said "go!" very sternly...we thought that was so funny.  she knows the drill when yaya comes over and she doesn't care one bit that we leave.  i always dreaded the day she would cry and beg me not to leave but so far that hasn't happen.  she just does that when yaya pipe leaves.  on a side note will and i had planned to go to disneyland for a few days this week and meet up with friends that were going.  we haven't had a chance to go since our first anniversary and it is sometimes all we talk about.  the main reason i decided not to go this time is that i couldn't handle the thought of being away from ever.  i guess will and i are turning out to be just like my parents.  i think the first real vacation they took without brandon and i was a cruise they went on when i was 12.  now i totally get it.              

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