happy 30th to the hospital

friday night we went downtown for the hospitals 30th birthday celebration.  i was anticipating this get together because i was asked to display some of my art for it, which was exciting.  turns out at the last minute the celebration couldn't be held in the building they had planned for because of permit issues so it turned into a block party sort of thing.  i was still fun but unfortunately the display options for my art were not nearly as good or visible and i couldn't bring as many pieces as originally planned.  a few pieces were hung in a cafe in the area and others were hung on pegboards in the street.  not the exposure i had hoped for but at least we had a nice family night.  my mom played the bagpipes with her group and unfortunately we missed their big performance.  we could hear them as we were parking and ever immediately said yaya when she heard them but we didn't make it in time to hear all the songs or see them march.  my little social butterfly had so much fun dancing in the street to the musical performances.  she was so full of energy and happy about all she got to see and experience.  the fact that she was so cute and we knew most of the people there worked in ever's favor because she was loaded up with goodie bags of toys and candy as well as lots of attention which she seemed to like.     

acting up for the camera before we left the house.  this girl is all about the camera....not like i give her much of a choice.

some of my art hanging in the street.

with her favorite bagpipe player.

i didn't know will was taking this picture but i think it is funny how ever appears to be slapping me out of the way to see all the fun things around her.  

dancing with papa.

the hospital bear mascot was handing out toys and dancing around.  ever was afraid when the fluffy bear got too close but she was amazed watching him from what she considered a safe distance.  all night she talked about the bear and asked me to take her to him but if i got too close she freaked out in a bad way.  as long as we kept our distance she squealed with delight watching the bear.

 ever was a blur of movement all night but i happened to capture the blurs around her as she was still for a second.

she kept letting go of our hands to dance to the music...even classical music.

after having all the fun we could possibly have we went home....although i think ever could have stayed and danced all night long.

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