my little husky puppy

as we all know ever loves animals so i figured it only appropriate that she dress as one of her most favorite animals for halloween....a husky.  luckily i found just what i was looking for on etsy for her costume in a shop where i was able to ask for a custom order that included the crocheted hat and diaper cover/tail and i'm so happy with how it turned out.
we started our day with a trip to the hospital so we could meet papa for lunch and show off our adorable little puppy.  we also met up with yaya and she took us to several other areas around the hospital to show off her favorite husky.  
ever would hardly stand still for me to get a clear picture of her all day but luckily i'm pretty good at figuring out ways to get clear pictures....i'm persistent.  

will bought ever these hello kitty glasses all on his own one day and brought them home to her.  you can find her wearing them almost all the time but usually she puts them on upside down.  

i loved how her tail wagged as she ran around.

when we stopped at the pediatric office ever was in love the animal decals on the wall.  she recently learned what a raccoon is from a book we often read.  the best part about when she sees a raccoon is that she blurts out "glasses" because she thinks the rings around the raccoons eyes are glasses.  the first time she said this to me my heart nearly burst because i thought it was so cute and clever for her to think that.
   i was happy there was a raccoon on the wall there so she would point out the glasses.
i don't remember teaching her about skunks but she knew that was a skunk on the wall too and she quite liked it.

we didn't plan on gathering candy at the hospital but the departments we visited passed out candy to her.  we didn't have a bucket for her to collect her things but the respiratory office gave us some sort of respiratory bag....appropriate for hospital trick or treating i suppose.  
one of the ladies in that office didn't have candy but she asked ever if she wanted some kind of special k bar she had and ever said "sure"......we all laughed.

a close up of the pumpkin she drew on ♥

 our next outing was to the trunk or treat at the church.  between my mom telling us the wrong time and our lack of being on time anywhere we go we basically missed the whole thing.  most people were packing up and leaving by the time we got there which made me pretty bummed.  before we went i was able to get these pictures of her.

not in much of a mood to stay still for pictures.

since she didn't nap during the day she fell asleep on the 10 minute drive to the trunk or treat.  i thought she'd be cranky but the second we arrived she snapped to action with her candy bucket like an old pro and managed to score a few pieces of candy from the last couple cars there.

our last stop of the night was to jess and brandi's.  they always have a halloween gathering and i'm glad they invite us.  by that point in the night i didn't get many pictures but it was fun to spend a little time with all of them.  ever enjoyed seeing their children and playing with their toys.  she also really loved looking at their dog gia and talking to her through the glass.  if she wasn't dancing or playing she was kissing the glass and talking to gia.      

and i'll end with this cute little video...

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