pumpkin carving

last year at halloween ever was almost 7 months old and when we did our festive traditions she didn't care too much but this year was a different story.  as usual we watched nightmare before christmas while carving pumpkins.  ever colored on a little pumpkin with a pen and she loved that.  she was amazed (maybe frightened) watching us carve as you'll see by her expression while she is standing in the background.  she danced a bunch to the music on nightmare before christmas which was perfect entertainment for will and i.
confession:  we carved fake pumpkins.  i love real pumpkins so much and earlier in the month i had bought some of the specialty ones like the knucklehead and fairytale varieties, plus lots of small pumpkins that ever has really enjoyed.  i failed to buy traditional carving pumpkins because i kept putting it off for a time that the three of us were at the store together to pick them out.  then last week all 3 of us were down and out with an awful cough/cold and everything seemed to take a back burner.  i forgot how close we already were to halloween.  we went to buy pumpkins a couple nights ago and after stopping at 4 different locations we were empty handed.  i was ready to give up but will saved the day with a stop at home depot where he found fake pumpkins that could be carved.  it wasn't quite the same experience but it was still fun and a lot less messy.  besides i'm happy we can have them for years to come.  our traditional carving night seemed sort of rushed and not prepared because i had been at the dentist earlier in the day having work done hence the reason i'm hiding my painful puffy face in the pictures.  maybe this year didn't go exactly as planned but ever thought it was the most amazing night and really it was.  watching her excitement with holidays is certainly something new and special that will and i both really enjoy.

it looks like ever is trying to make the pumpkin i carved kiss the pumpkin will carved.....how appropriate.  

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