her half birthday

ever is 18 months old today so it is her half birthday.  i  just decided we should have a tradition in our little family where we celebrate half birthdays.  the celebration today is probably going to mean that ever gets extra time to play outside this evening and chocolate chips....that is enough to thrill her.  i already wrote her a sweet half birthday message in her journal.  both will and i did that on her birthday and we intend to keep that going every year.  as she gets older i'm sure i'll do a little more to make her half birthdays an extra special day.

-i can barely keep ever's new boots off her feet.  when she first saw them yesterday she yelled "cute" and she has named them her "cunkle shoes".  the reason for the "cunkle".......several months ago she fell in love with a version of twinkle twinkle little star on youtube and cunkle is how she says twinkle and since there are stars on the boots....well you get it.  i'll have to post a video of her saying it soon.  it is one of my favorite words of hers.
-when she first tried the boots on she did some extra cool tricks like jumps and twirls.  i think she felt that the shoes made her jump higher.  she always says "shump" when she has them on and she practices her jumping.
-she went bonkers when we saw those little pumpkins at the store and she insisted a couple of them ride on her lap in the cart.  i guess she has the same love for pumpkins and this time of year as me.
-little known fact: i'm pretty sure that i mentioned after ever was born that we had her name picked out even when she was just a dream...not a reality.  several years ago when i knew my first daughter would be named ever i seriously considered her middle name to be october.  october for several reasons:  my parents have october birthdays so it would be a way for me to name a child after both of them.  also it has always been my favorite month because of the change in seasons, pumpkins, and halloween.  i suppose it would have been a fitting middle name for my pumpkin obsessed gal.  


  1. My pretty pumpkin baby girl...love how she loves pumpkins.

  2. I love those little boots! And of course I love Ever too! She looks so fashionable (as always). :)


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