portrait a week 39/52
the oh so grown up almost 18 month old on her way out the door for church.

i am amazed by ever recently for the following reasons:

-early this morning she repeatedly gave me the best hugs.
-she was counting while we ran errands.  it was so cute to hear from the backseat "un, two, free" with the occasional extra enthusiastic five thrown in there. 
-she has been really good about going to sleep at night or for naps without much fuss.  i can set her in her crib while wide awake as long as she has her stuffed turtle and puppy and she will fall asleep like a champ.
-yaya gave us some home grown tomatoes and as soon as they were in our possession ever began gobbling them up as if they were candy but the best part was how she said tomato.  it sounds like "tatledos"....so cute!  


  1. We still have more tatledos :) Ever got blue M&M on her pretty dress at church...Mama has issues with Yaya and Ever's clothes. :)

  2. Ever looks adorable! And I love how she says tomatoes. :)


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