portrait a week 35/52
several things to say about this picture and recent days....
1. ever is putting on her makeup....or "kup" if you ask her.  yesterday she was begging me to put on my makeup so she could play with all my stuff.  i let her play with it even if it means some of my stuff gets thrashed because she loves it so much.
2.  in the photo she is actually using a reusable marker you fill with water and the thing she is sitting on is what you draw on with the water markers.  one of her favorite toys and i enjoy it as well.
3. right before i took the picture i walked up to her putting makeup (water marker) on her pony.  i couldn't get over how much she was concentrating....it was a serious thing for her.  p.s. that my little pony is one i played with as a child....she inherited a bunch of mine and it is crazy how different the my little ponies look today compared to the way the looked in the 80's
4. ever is sitting on the couch and she got up there on her own.  the couch climbing has been going on for a few weeks and i don't like it.  the first few times she climbed up there i was shocked and startled so i reacted a bit too excitedly and now ever things it is a fun game to shock me.  she climbs up there and starts giggling and saying mama to get my attention because she wants me to react.  recently i've tried to ignore her couch climbing because it seems the moment i look at her or try to remove her she gets so excited which involves jumping, squealing, and flopping.  i am so terrified she will fall off the couch and land on the tile floor.  it hasn't happened yet and i hope it never does.  the back of this couch is much lower than our previous one so i am also concerned in one of her hopping moments she will hop right over the back of it.  i do what i can to keep her off there but she finds a way even when i try to trick her with a barricade or something.  
5.  you can't really tell but ever is sporting her first real little pony tail.  by the time i took the picture most of her hair had fallen out because we had been wrestling around but it was adorable to see her looking so grown up with all her hair up.  i think in another month or so her hair will stay up much better as it continues to grow at a rapid rate.  
6. not pictured but the movie UP was on.  ever smiles at certain parts and repeats certain parts.  the short film before it, partly cloudy, is one of her absolute favorites as well.  she cracks up at the part in "cloudy" where the storm cloud creates the alligator and the alligator bites the cloud so he shakes his finger and says uh uh uh.  very often she runs around saying uh uh uh now.     


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