portrait a week 37/52
ever climbing and discovering with my supervision.  
this picture is totally her in a nutshell...both extremes all the time.
passionate about everything.
she loves to get dressed up and enjoy all things pretty or cute but at the same time she craves all sorts of adventure, as is evident in her scraped up elbows and knees.  when she gets hurt sometimes she cries a little and other times she doesn't, even when i expect her to.  you can guarantee the next second after a tumble or set back she's back to running and playing like nothing happened.
i love her tough yet sensitive nature.
delicate and daring.  
my wild beauty.


  1. She is a wild beauty...I love that dress on her, and the bows look perfect with it. She needs more bows...we need to go on another dental/valium shopping trip :)

  2. Your little "daredevil" looks so cute! I love her little dress!! :)


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