the gum chewing moment

 for a few months now ever has expressed an obsession with gum.  if i'm chewing gum she opens her mouth and sticks her tongue out expecting me to do the same and show her what is in my mouth then hopefully share it.  she has tried grabbing it out of my mouth.  she has kissed me and attempted to steal it that way.  one day i left a pack of gum where she could reach it and i found her chewing a piece that i quickly took away for fear that i'd find it in her hair next or plastered on the furniture.  she now calls it gum and can spot a pack of it a mile away.

last week as we said hi to my mom while running errands ever noticed the pack of gum in the center console of the vehicle.  she finally reached it and looked at both of us with this look like....i know i shouldn't have this and i'm shocked that you aren't taking it away.  slowly a story evolves and i caught some of the story in pictures.  first she cautiously opens the pack of gum and pulls out a piece.  next she smells it and says "mmmmm taste".  then she slowly opens the wrapper and scratches the pieces of gum then rubs her finger on her cheek (this is also what she does with all of my makeup i let her play with).  then she licks the piece of gum.  finally she takes the smallest nibble of it, all the while my mom and i are watching and smiling as ever keeps looking at us for approval slightly shocked that we aren't stopping her.  that tiny nibble turned into a slightly larger bite and eventually the whole piece.  and here is the rest of the moment in pictures.....

my expressive little gum chewer.  i wanted to gobble her up in that moment because she was exploring in a smart, naughty, slightly cautious way that was incredibly adorable to witness.

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  1. She is the most photogenic, expressive little girl. I love her.


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