ever's first trip to the fair

here you have our trip to the fair last week:
i caught her doing this face several times while we were walking around.  it is her thing....her concentration face or taking it all in face.  i've seen her do it other times too and i'm pretty in love with it.  

basically ever wanted to kiss all the animals, especially the pigs.  she comes by the pig love naturally...after all i was a pig farmer in 4-H for five years.

the picture quality is not the best for any of these because of the weird lighting with or without flash but phones were all we brought to capture the moment so....

see how amazed she is by the horse.  i guess she comes by that naturally too since i had my very own horse two different times in my life and our family (my dad and everyone on that side) is very horse oriented.
when the horse started eating she laughed like i've never heard her laugh.  her whole body became limp because she was laughing so hard.  you know the kind of laugh where you feel like you'll lose all control.  it was the cutest thing and we all laughed uncontrollably at her reaction to a horse chomping on hay.  
ever basically had zero fear of the animals except she wasn't so sure about the turkeys or chickens.  

she liked the bunnies but not nearly as much as the pigs or horses.  

i have never been a fan of the rides at the fair....disneyland on the other hand...i'll ride them all but the fair rides just seem dirty and scary so even when i was a kid this area wasn't my favorite.  i assumed ever would care less about it too but i was wrong.  as soon as she saw the bright lights she was drawn like a moth to a flame and when she heard the loud music she brought out her best dance moves.  

i kept trying to get a good picture but it was almost impossible to get her to stay still.  she wanted to explore and dance.  she was content with just looking at everything....no riding of rides for her.

during her solo dance performance that impressed onlookers.  

notice the backpack leash thing.  yeah i never knew if i would use one of those but since i do have a wild fast moving explorer i figured it was time to give it a try.  she doesn't care to be in a stroller these days so i thought this might be a nice was of containing her a little.  she loves her backpack and very often asks to wear it around the house even when there isn't a need for it.  i like that it keeps her safer in big crowds.
it is incredibly fun to see the world through her eyes and feel the pure joy she has in every experience.


  1. I love this adventurous story of Ever! I love how she's such an animal person too. And her laughing at the horse eating is just hilarious!! :)

  2. I am seriously thinking about getting Felix one of those backpacks. She has just started to recently HATE being in the stroller and I don't blame her (she sees all the other kids her age getting to walk free). She is like Ever that she is so adventurous and free spirited. She can take off so fast and it's so hard with Noel to keep up after her. I didn't really put Felix in a carrier when it was just us two, for some reason I didn't really feel comfortable. With Noel, I am trying to get more used to it because it makes life a little easier with two. I am with you on not thinking I was one of those with the whole leash/backpack thing, but if it helps keep my kid safe than I am all for it!


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