portrait a week 38/52
she is happy that the halloween decorations are starting to be set up.
i have a feeling that this owl is going to be carried all over the house until it is put away after halloween is over.  ever has already carried it all over the living room and kissed it. 

p.s. prints of my most recent painting, pictured in the background, are still available here.
it would be a super cute addition to your halloween decor.

now let me tell you a funny little story:
yesterday ever and i were near yaya's work so we had her come down to the car to say hi to us.  i took ever out of her seat so she could play and sit on yaya's lap while we were parked.  eventually i told her we needed to go home and that i was going to have to buckle her back in.  she gave me the meanest glare.  i mean if looks could kill i would have died.  she squinted and looked at me as if laser beams were going to shoot from her eyes because i suggested she needed to buckle up in her car seat.  i cracked up.  i'm glad my mom witnessed it too because i don't know if she could have believed such a look could come from the girl she thinks does no wrong.  we laughed and when i told the story to will later i laughed again.    


  1. She had the Clint Eastwood, Dirty Harry look...it was priceless. She's so smart!

  2. She looks like a "ginger" in this picture.


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