portrait a week 40/52
what a messy day we've had so far.  
we went out to meet up with will at lunch but then ever ended up vomiting all over herself.
it happened without any warning and i'm still not sure what caused it.  she isn't acting sick so hopefully it was just a fluke thing.  our lunch plans didn't happen because i quickly turned around to get home and clean ever up....luckily will came home to help....now to finish scrubbing up the blasted carseat.  i'm sure if ever watches while i clean it she'll say "is so messy".  frequently i find her taking wipes from the container and scrubbing walls while saying "is so messy".  the last couple days ever has amazed me even more with her cuteness.  each day she wakes up a little smarter and funnier.
we took a bunch of pictures yesterday but this one made the cut for our portrait a week.  in the next few days i'll share some of the others and some cute stories as well.  
p.s. today is my dad's birthday and i've thought about him more than usual, as i do each year on this day and other significant days.  i also thought about how 2 years ago today was when i announced that i was pregnant with ever.  time goes by so fast.  way too fast.  

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  1. Aww what a sweet picture! I was looking through my boys' baby pictures and there was a picture of your dad with Bryce. It really made me think of him a lot too.


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