adventures in the mountains

yesterday we spent a good part of the day out at my mom's. 
ever was beyond thrilled to have outdoorsy adventures.....that is her thing.
we hiked

we played in dirt and explored.

get ready for some redundant shots...i couldn't decide which ones i liked best.

we found cool rocks to bring home.

i grew up in these mountains and for the first time i saw things i'd never seen before due to the summer wildfire caused erosion and major monsoon storms.  basically this entire wash area is way wider and deeper plus things like this huge rock formation will is standing on were uncovered.  

trees where uprooted and it was really actually neat to see things so different.  
we found treasures that had probably been buried for years like old metal things and lots of neat rocks.  

i was amazed by the roots hanging out.

back at the house ever met a baby tarantula.  
she was intrigued by it until it got a little too close to her.

ever was thrilled to take wheelbarrow rides.  
that might have been the highlight of her day.

along with being near the dogs.  

it is a happy thing to see the dogs we love but it feels so different with three of them instead of five.  
there is such a different dynamic and feeling.  
makes me sad.

ever seems to think every day should be like yesterday.  


  1. I love this post...except for the spider :) Ever is just stunning...really she is beautiful. Move in with Yaya and then every day can be like that day. :)

  2. Skye...a tarantula picture.....really? Yuck! The other pictures are way cute though. The pictures of Ever make up for you putting a tarantula picture on here though. :)


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