a scone and steinway

ever woke up this morning thinking she had won the lottery.  
yaya was here with a blueberry scone for her and steinway in tow. 
my mom asked me to meet her outside as she was on her way back home with steinway, then to work.  
i woke ever up and took her outside all groggy but as soon as she saw a few of her favorite things she perked right up.  i quite liked the surprise visit too. 

i got a healthy dose of steinway kisses.....sure do love that fluffy girl.

ever calmly ate her scone and had a look of pure bliss.
i hope the great start to her day means less tantrums and defiance.  all the sudden this 19 month old girl has one serious temper and her sleep habits are getting bad again.  she seems to always be pushing the limits and testing our patience.  i'm sure it is just a phase as most things seem to be.  time to read more on these tantrums and how to remain calm and sane while her little body and brain get it all figured out.

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  1. Sure did warm my heart to read this post. :)
    It was a great start to mine and Steinway's day too!


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