this photo prompted a little discussion on instagram the other night so i wanted to tell more of the story here.
let me start with this.....
poor ever....she had her first experience with a tummy bug last week.  it all started to unfold tuesday evening as i was getting ready to head out the door to go to a friend's get together.  it is rare that i leave the house without ever but oddly enough the last couple times i have i end up with a sick girl.  i know it is a coincidence but it makes me think twice about making plans with her in them.  not really but you know.  first it was a few weeks ago i met a friend for frozen yogurt and i came home to a fussy runny nosed girl.  in the coming days her runny nose turned into a bad cold that kept all of us from sleeping at night then a day or so later will and i both caught it so we were all sickies together for about a week.  obviously not fun.   then last tuesday as i am about 30 minutes from going out the door ever vomits all over.  i wasn't sure she was sick because she didn't act sick.  will insisted i get out and have a good time.  i felt bad leaving ever but it was a nice break.  will kept in touch through text saying all was well.  then i get home and discover the vomit episodes happened several more times...he didn't want to tell me though because he knew i'd rush home.  vomit is the number one thing i dislike.  i can handle all sorts of other yucky things but even the sound of someone throwing up sends me over the edge.  it broke my heart to see ever wonder what was happening to her tiny body and hear her scream and cry.  two good things about the her having the illness i've dreaded since the day she was born is that for the first time in her life she was incredibly cuddly.  also i gained a new level of love and respect for will.  he handled her vomit situations so well.....he helped out and remained calm when i had a hard time doing so.  seriously a new level of love for will.  

now the story of the bear.....
will has had this bear since he was about 6 years old.  if we are lucky most of us have special things from our childhood.  i am fortunate to have many things...journals, pictures, toys, clothes and other keepsakes.  my mom was good about saving precious things and documenting stories for which i'll always be grateful.  one night not to long after will got this stuffed bear he was out to dinner with his family.  he insisted on taking the one he named "berry" out for dinner with the family.  yes he purposely spelled the bear's name berry.  little did he know that cute decision would turn out to be a very wise one because when his family returned home they discovered their house had burned down and all possessions were lost.  from that day on berry was more that just a stuffed bear for will.  he was something special to remind him of his younger childhood days...the only keepsake left.  
i remember meeting berry and hearing the bittersweet story when we were first dating. 
i remember will leaving berry for me to cuddle with at night in those dating days.  berry has always been a source of comfort and now he is something really special for ever like he once was for will 25 years ago.  ever has a few stuffed animals that she has fancied more than others....her turtles, her husky.  all of the sudden when her tummy bug hit all she wanted was berry and her love for him is something that we enjoy watching....particularly will.  i bet the 6 year old will could never even imagine that 25 years later berry would be adored by his daughter.  it is sweet.  

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  1. Poor tummy...I started crying when she puked :(
    The Berry story is so sweet...Will is a tender hearted guy.


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