she adores the ornaments and tree

 get ready for picture overload of ever helping me put up christmas decorations.  ordinarily i wouldn't decorate this early.  i'm lucky if we get the tree out before the first week of december is over but i figured ever would be pleased if the tree made an early appearance.  i was right.  i haven't heard so many happy squeals from her in quite some time.  each ornament we unwrapped elicited some sort of joyous reaction. 

this is her idea of decorating...setting ornaments on the lower branches.  
of course i think it is adorable.  
blurry pictures ♥

 she exclaimed...owl! puppy! frog! kitty!

so far her absolute favorite ornaments are
the breakable ones of course...

she said UP about a million times then said ohhhh cuuuute!
since nightmare before christmas recently became her thing i knew this ornament would thrill her... it did.  
and all three of the jingle ornaments made her day.
i was happy to rediscover the ornaments from my childhood and remember how gram picked a theme for the ornaments each year then made one based on the theme and let each grandchild pick their favorite character, color, etc. from that years theme.  apparently in 1983 funshine bear was my thing.  so glad she wrote our names and the year on the ornaments.
and now that i typed that i feel like i mentioned this a couple years ago...oh well.
i may not have appreciated that tradition so much as a child but now i really think of it fondly.  
i wish i could find all the ornaments she made.....who knows where they ended up over all the years.

 i guess hugging the mushroom ornament was necessary.

last year ever seemed to enjoy the christmas tree but this year it has been way more exciting to her.  
hopefully she doesn't destroy any of the ornaments.  i had a bad daydream today about her knocking the tree down.  she sure has her naughty moments...especially lately so i could really see that happening.  

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  1. I love how she appreciates and shows joyous wonder at the tree and ornaments...I guess that's why they talk about how children and Christmas go together so well :)


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