just one of the many super cute pictures i took of ever last week while trying on her christmas dress.  
it cracks me up how she looks so exasperated about standing still for a picture.  
and since we are on the subject of her cracking me up i have to share this little story.  
i honestly can't keep up with all the funny things she says and does these days but here is something i remember.

a few days ago will was buckling her into her car seat and he said let's rock-n-roll.
she instantly repeated rock-n-roll.  she repeats everything!
saturday she had a little toy in her hand and she was making the item run around on tables and such.  that is another thing...her imagination has really taken off.  i can tell by the way she plays with her toys these days.  anyway i asked her what she was playing with and she held it up to me and said "bear rrrraaaaawwwwrrr!"  i told her it was actually a raccoon.  she looked at it and said "oh rock-n-roll".  will and i both laughed so hard.  she now calls her raccoon a rock-n-roll and she still points out that it wears glasses.   

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