as mentioned previously i am going to post a portrait a week of ever.  
i took this one after she woke up today.  side note: her pajamas are completely fitting for her....there is a bee on the shirt and it says too busy to sleep....that's my ever.  
anyway she was in the middle of saying kitty when i snapped this picture as she chased pellegrino around.  in fact it was really sweet because this morning once i opened the bedroom door i called for pellegrino and clicked my tongue.  then ever copied me by saying kitty and clicking her tongue.  next thing you know pells runs in the room and hops into ever's crib.  she had the sweetest high pitched gibberish conversation and pet him in a gentle way which we have been teaching.  it almost look like she is using a rolling pin when she does it.  she puts both hands on his side while he is laying next to her and she rubs back and forth.  the love those two have developed for one another is absolutely adorable to witness.  


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