what she is thinking

 as i mentioned in the last post these are the extra photos from the portrait a week thing i've been doing.
i'm going to tell you what i think ever is thinking in each photo....

why are you always taking pictures and trying to force me to sit still?

i'm tired of the hair accessories...just accept the fact that i'm not going to keep them in.

giving me hello kitty to play with isn't going to make your ridiculous photo taking obsession any less annoying.

i know i can walk away from you but it isn't going to happen unless i'm safely holding on to something like my dresser.  

you aren't done yet?

i love my papa so i'll give a little smile since i'm staring at him.

i like to lay on my tummy and calmly kick my legs while playing with something because that is what toddlers do and i'm no longer a baby. 

just practicing my best bulldog impression.

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  1. I just want to cry, because she is no longer a baby...she will always be your baby bird, just like you are mine. :)


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