week 10/52
as usual we were admiring ever while she slept in my arms last night.  i figured this sweet peaceful sleeping picture would be perfect for her portrait of the week.  
also i have to add these two close up shots of my sleeping beauty...
i am always admiring her mega lashes and plump lips.
it seems like lots of boys are lucky enough to have super long eyelashes but ever is in that rare group of girls that has ten foot long eyelashes...i wish i was in that group.
and these lips....papa is desperately hoping that she will always be very cautious with giving kisses.  the only things she freely kisses all the time now are her favorite stuffed animals.  it is very rare that she freely gives a smooch to her mama or papa...we usually have to steal them.

p.s. ever is wearing this.  we have two of those and if a new mom asked me about essential items i would completely recommend a couple of those.  i was so worried about how i would keep ever warm at night without her getting tangled up in blankets and this has been the answer.  maybe soon i should post about what products i found most helpful as a first time mom because i know prior to having her i was really lost about what i did/didn't need.  now i know for sure what was absolutely worth having and what we could have done without.  


  1. Look at her cute little rosy red cheeks too. She's like your own little Snow White and Sleeping Beauty baby combined. Except more special and precious. :)

  2. She does have some gorgeous features!


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