ever the dog

sunday we made a trip out to my moms so we could take the dogs on a walk.  ever was beyond thrilled to see her furry friends.  she kept talking to them and even decided to mimic them by sticking her tongue out like in the pictures below.  it was hard to not have brulé on the walk with us but it was a great opportunity to give all sorts of love to the other four and enjoy fresh air.  it seems the only way ever tolerates being in the carrier is if the dogs are present so i see more walks like this in our future.  

my mom set ever down to let her play in the dirt and it broke her heart when we finally picked her up to go back to the house.  on the way up to the house we had to let her down to play in the dirt again but when it started to get dark we picked her up to finish our trek to the house and she threw a fit.

being a dog.  


  1. I love how she mimicked the babes...so cute...and her hair is all cwazy!

  2. I love her imitation of the babes! So cute!


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