my art on society6

if you click this link it will take you to my shop on society6.  i still have my other shop open at this time, but it has very limited stock.  i'm not completely sure how often i'll add originals.  for a long time i had been wanting to make prints of my paintings but it always seemed a little complicated.  prints are cool because very often several people want the same painting and very often i've painted the same thing over and over again.  when i do that it kind of takes the fun out of painting.  also when selling originals i wasn't really charging an adequate amount to compensate for my time and materials and i had a hard time charging more.  anyway society6 is great in the sense that i'm able to add as much art as i please and then you can choose if you want a print and what size or a canvas or an iphone cover or shirt or tote bag or throw pillow, etc.  my prices on society6 are extra reasonable in fact my profit is very small since i decided to keep the prices reasonable but the creating (other than the original) and shipping is no longer my responsibility which is nice.  so since all the work is up to society6 they get most of the money but i like the idea of getting my name out in the world and having my art on so many different items so....here goes skyelish on society6.  i'll be adding more to the shop so check back often.  if a certain painting i've done stands out that you'd like added to the shop let me know.  spread the word if you so please and wish me luck!  
p.s. this is also cool because so far all of the items in the shop are originals that hang in my home.  friends and family have admired them and now they have a chance to have their very own version in their homes.


  1. I'm so excited that I can get Denali/Brucie stuff :)

  2. I already ordered something, but you know that. I'm so excited for you! How about adding the painting named Lunar or something like that. (You know, like the one Ever has hanging in her room.) :)


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