easter now and then

last easter ever was less than a week old, this time she is almost a year old.
i can't get over how her entire body fit in the easter basket last year and now she can only stand in it.  
we had a relaxing day at home...just the three of us.  initially there were plans for an early birthday/easter celebration with my mom but she has been sick so unfortunately we canceled plans.  today was still really nice and full of reflecting about how much has changed over the last year with our little love.  i didn't go all out getting her easter goodies or coloring eggs but she did get a hello kitty bunny, a stuffed kitten that she couldn't leave the store without and her first taste of ice cream.  next year i'm sure we will make more of a big deal of things but this year was calm, wonderful, and even a little more perfect than last easter. 

she loved the ice cream and got mad when it took will too long to give her a spoonful.  oh and when the ice cream was gone she threw herself on the ground in an all out tantrum. 

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