lately from ever

hi everyone...it's me...ever.  
excuse me for being behind on posting again.  something i will not apologize for is the amount of pictures in this post including repetitive pictures because they are all so good and worth sharing.

first things first...i love when yaya watches me so my parents can go out on a date because she lets me make the biggest messes and do things my mama usually wouldn't let me do.  yaya knows and understands my naughty side.  i was overjoyed when she let me take the entire yogurt cup and rub it all over my face, the highchair, and my hair.    

these pictures just show the beginning of the mess.

lately i'm really interested in my mama chewing gum.  i make this face with my tongue sticking out to let her know that i want her to open up and show me what is in her mouth.  mama thinks this is ridiculously cute.

i am also quite interested in eating paper and mama is always spoiling the fun by taking it away from me....after she snaps a few pictures of course.  

this is the face i make when i see something that really makes me happy, like something i see on the computer or tv.  

last week there was a day that it snowed.  on that day yaya brought over a new stuffed husky for me and i called her brulé.  i spent the next few days cuddling and kissing my brulé.

i am still really picky about most foods but something i recently discovered and love is watermelon.  i think it is most delicious.  

as the sun was setting the other day mama took me outside to play.  i loved picking up rocks and saying "what's that" a million times, then i tried to taste the rocks several times but that darn watchdog of a mom i have prevented me from tasting what i thought would be yummy morsels.  

can you tell my mama is obsessed with taking pictures of me? 
crazy lady.  

until next time....xoxo ever

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  1. Love the gum chewing tongue! She is just so full of personality. Love it!


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