video city and we are the mayors

these first two videos are of ever when she was 2 months old.  i have them saved on the computer but i still do not have the heart to take them off my phone because they are two of my favorites that i watch often.  this time next week ever will be a year old and it is the most bittersweet thought.  she is so hilarious these days and in many ways much easier to care for than she was as a newborn, but i'd be lying if i said there weren't moments that i desperately wish for those beginning months with her again. 

i think i would call this video the look of love.  

fake crying.

cracking up at her papa.

giving kisses and saying ta-da after her nap.

"talking" to her toothbrush when she should be asleep.  
can't really see this one but the audio is the best part anyway.  
i had to pry the toothbrush out of her sleepy hands.  


  1. Her voice is magical...it can make me smile everytime. I love her!

  2. Mia & I stopped by your mom's office for a minute and we were watching these with her. They are all so adorable! Your mom kept playing the "ta da" one over for us. I'm so glad you have these little videos of Ever that you can look back upon her as a baby. They are priceless! :)


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