week 11/52
as i type this ever is sleeping in like she does most days...already a teenager....stays up late and sleeps until late morning.  is it strange to say that i miss her?  i know that as soon as she wakes up my day will go from being calm and quiet to hectic and loud but even with that reality i miss her when i am up before her.  many times during the day i wish for some calm and quiet time to myself.  a moment to do something simple on my own without chasing her around the house and removing her from the next place she climbs.  i look forward to her taking a nap in the afternoon but then i find myself missing that funny little lady once she is finally down for a nap.  what a spell this almost one year old has cast on me.
p.s. while trying to get this portrait a week shot i had plenty of blurry ones because she was moving constantly but i did manage to capture a few besides this one that were super cute so i suppose i'll be sharing those soon....just warning you. 


  1. Oh Skye I don't think it's strange to say you miss her! It just goes to show how strong your bond is with her! :)

  2. I feel the exact same way! Such a wonderful feeling to love someone so much you miss them when they are right next to you!


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